Foam mattress

Foam mattress

Dec 01, 2016

Foam mattress foam mattress, is the main material made of foam mattress, foam materials, including: polyurethane foam, high-elastic foam and advanced memory foam. Foam mattress external materials are combined with cotton, wool and so on. Foam mattresses to fit the curves of the body, providing support at the same time, yet soft and flexible, and to cushion the body movements, even if a person frequently rolled over and will not affect the partner, no noise when turning.

Three foam mattresses, polyurethane foam mattresses, high-elastic foam mattresses and memory foam mattresses. These foam mattresses vary in comfort, to meet the needs of different individuals.

Polyurethane bubble mattress refers to of is market Shang common of memory cotton mattress, also called space memory cotton mattress, slow back play mattress, it first is to United States space astronaut return buffer Shi with of, most obviously of features is back play slow, can with pressure of changes change shape, so looks on seems is remember this parts of pressure, keep the some shape, is good of fitting body curve, reduced mattress on body of pressure. Polyurethane foam is a chemical product, in the foaming process is likely to have a strong taste, needs to pay attention to the distinction at the time of purchase.