Foam mattress features

Foam mattress features

Dec 01, 2016

Temperature characteristics of foam mattresses, when foam mattresses feel temperature, foam particles on the surface of softened, gradually softening the particles evenly distributed pressure area, thus eliminating pressure points, lowers the body's blood will not be oppressed.

Foam mattress also has a buffer decompression, breathable, antimicrobial resistance, soft and light, good compression features.

Foam mattress is the biggest feature is the one to absorb the weight of the body, lying on it feels like floating in the air.

Foam mattress follows the human body through the spine and joints to rest in a natural physiological state and provide the body and head and neck, waist, full support, so as to release the pressure, making the body feel a sense of weightlessness.

Drawback is the foam mattress easy deformation body upon it easy to heat, and heat is easily dispersed, life is very short, and chemical composition of the foam mattress can cause skin allergic reactions.