Foam mattress Guide

Foam mattress Guide

Dec 01, 2016

Bubble level, primarily through the technology of foam, density, resilience, a sense of warm feel judged and so on, so when I choose foam mattresses need to refer to these requirements.

I. ... foam manufacturing process, there are two: cutting and molding, cutting is to buy large chunks of foam, cut molding; molding is used through the foam, vacuum and a series of processes. Cut the foam mattresses often easily dented by pressing play again. Cut the block of foam is often uneven distribution of density and cutting does not and cannot take into account ergonomics, so more will cut the foam mattress is relatively cheap. Molding foam mattress prices are generally too high, because his process more complicated. So when we choose foam mattresses depending on your situation.

II. the density. Density of foam mattress basic indicators, but even products of the same density will vary, largely caused by different formulations and processes and raw materials. But, must be high quality foam mattress, foam mattress high density is not necessarily quality. High density foam mattress as 80, ordinary foam mattress density 50. density can be distinguished according to size and weight, also says the same specifications of the mattress, if heavy, density is larger.