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How to pick a mattress

Dec 01, 2016

Consumers in the purchase of should be preferred when there is a certain size and visibility of brand products.

Also should pay attention to the following aspects.

Fabric quality. Fabrics for Spring mattress has a certain texture and thickness, industry standard fabric weight greater than or equal to 60 grams per square metre; dyeing of fabric pattern symmetry; fabric sewing without disconnection, skipped stitches, floating lines and other defects.

Second, the production quality. Spring mattress of inner quality for using is important, select Shi should check mattress of around side whether Shun straight flat; pad bread covered whether full symmetry, fabric no relaxation feel; unarmed forced press pressure pad surface 2-3 times, feel due soft hard moderate of feel, and has must of back elastic, as appeared has SAG uneven of phenomenon, description mattress of Spring wire quality poor, addition feel not should appeared has spring friction sound; if mattress surrounding side at has mesh opening or has tour device, is open check about internal spring whether has rust track ; The mattress upholstery material is clean and odor-free, paving material using hemp carpets, Brown, chemical fiber (wool) carpet, recycled materials of waste material shall not be used, or bamboo shoots, straw, mats as mattresses made of tengsi processing spacer, use the liner material can affect the physical and mental health and life.

Three, the size requirements. Spring mattress width is generally divided into single and double occupancy: single specification for 800mm~1200mm; double specifications for 1350mm~1800mm; length specification for 1900mm~2100mm product size deviation of provision for positive and negative 10MM.