Mattress spring production

Mattress spring production

Dec 01, 2016

First technology is neither a spring nor cotton pleat, but feed and inspection, which is the primary process of production, but also to strict process. Raw materials of appropriate and qualified production and quality of the finished product is directly related to the mattress.

Second process is pleat wool and worn Springs, this is two separate and simultaneous operations. Tuck cotton is put mattress fabric with to of cotton car to cloth up, last of performance form is mattress most above, and bottom of that level material; wear Spring is will a spiral spring connection into overall, this is chain Spring mattress of process, independent bags, and independent tube spring is is will a spiral spring loaded into into article, and independent of no spinning bag, again with rubber put loaded good spring of bag article dip stick into overall.

Third craft is made from cutting room and bed nets. Cutting is good tuck cotton fabric cutting to size of mattress bed-mesh, with a border formation of iron will wear Spring spring NET, chain spring or independent pocket springs networks, fixed, thus forming a bed net.

The fourth technology base. Play is at the end of the bed covered with wool blankets or other bedding online, then well placed tuck cotton fabric.

Technology Fifth Road lining. RIM is bordered with paving operation on the upper and lower fabric layers sewn together so that they are only a mattress made.

Finally, finished product testing, packaging, so that the entire mattress process completes.