Spring mattress maintenance

Spring mattress maintenance

Dec 01, 2016

Require the use of a good quality mattress care, to extend mattress life. Mattress basic maintenance methods are:

First, flipping on a regular basis. During the first year of the new mattress buying and using every 2-3 months forward and backward, sideways or feet around and around again, the average of mattress Springs, after some flips once every six months.

Second, keep it clean. Regularly vacuum the mattress, mattress stains stains can toilet paper or cloth to drain water, do not water or detergent washing; the best have the habit of using sheets or cleaning pads, while avoiding after bathing or sweating immediately lie down on it, let alone use of electrical or smoking in bed.

Third, do not often sit on the edge of the bed, each corner of the mattress on the most vulnerable, on the edge of the bed sit for a long time, retaining spring can be easily damaged.

Four, don't jump on the bed to avoid single points of Ambassador force spring is damaged.