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Spring mattresses

Dec 01, 2016

Spring mattresses are commonly used in modern, performance, superior mattresses, the pad core formed by the springs. The pad has a good elasticity, strong support a better breathability and durable and so on.

Traditional type of mattress is will a circle line diameter more rough of spring, to steel line links fixed, hardness high, sleep sense hard, support sex better but elastic more not obviously, easy involved, domestic most old generation elders or Japanese due to life habits effect, more often using links type spring bed, but if long-term sleep in fixed location or used sat Yu bed and corners, or no regularly turned mattress, easy caused SAG and elastic tired.

Full mattress every spring to commence operation from the bed clinging to the end of the bed, then connected in parallel, creating a unique first steel mattress, support, average load and pressure dispersion is the strongest of all the springs on a.

High elastic Springs wire diameter is 1.8mm, made of spring steel wire into a whole mattress selection of steels high carbon steels in high heat production, able to bend 90 degrees and the same type, it has a high resilience, both Q soft elastic characteristics.