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Spring structure classification

Dec 01, 2016

First of all, we have seen from the look-and-feel, and our sense of touch, of course. Select the appearance of, I think it's important to see the needs of the individual, according to their room layout, style and color to buy. Touch is relatively more important, and under normal circumstances, we choose a mattress by the hand to touch the surface of the mattress, but really this is a selection of mattress fabric, you may ask when buying guide, what's the fabric of the mattress, and you can go and feel comfort of mattress fabrics. But it is worth noting is that mattresses are not suited for sleeping directly on the surface, because everyone's skin sensitivity is different, some people sleeping in it than other people prone to allergies. So even though we buy the mattress is comfortable and soft, us mattress to buy back must be covered with sheets.

Insofar as structure is concerned, spring mattresses can be broadly divided into links, bagged independent cylinders, linear vertical, line integral and bags line the whole spring. Currently the mattress market, spring the lowest cost to 500 Yuan, market prices in more than 750, 1000 and 1500 respectively for low and medium high consumer demand. Hard and soft suitability tests, one of the lay flat on the bed, reached into the waist, feeling into difficult, may be the mattress too soft otherwise, waist and a great gap between the mattress and mattress excellent.