Hot Sell Rolled Up Packing Bonnell Spring Mattress

RSB-R22. Hot Sell Rolled Up Packing Bonnell Spring Mattress. Medium firm. Pillow top design. Easily for carrying. For apartment and home usage.

Product Details

Hot Sell Rolled Up Packing Bonnell Spring Mattress

Item No.:RSB-R22

This mattress selling point as below:

  1. Fashion design , comfort feeling with knitted fabric,Antibacterial

  2. Bonnell spring support system The spring is made of high steel wire and complete sleep scientific spring.

  3. Polyester wadding with wave foam for massage function

  4. Provide orthopedic level of support,Good support and relax for your body

  5. ·It is designed to good sleep for modern furniture, apartment, hotel,and school etc.

  6. ·Great quality and durable,10 years Warranty for the innerspring.

  7. ·Competitive price in the market.

Pictures for Hot Sell Rolled Up Packing Pocket Spring Mattress:


For the Package:

  1. Place box onto flat surface in your bedroom and carefully pull the mattress out.

  2. Cut the outer bag along the seams with scissors making sure not to cut the plastic bag inside.

  3. Roll out the compressed mattress onto a clean, flat surface.

  4. Carefully cut the plastic bag along the edges and remove. Your mattress will slowly expand.

  5. Allow 48-72 hours for the mattress to regain its full shape.

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