Pocket Spring Mattress For Online Sales

MODEL:RSP-RTP25 Roll-up mattress, separate carton packaging,suitable for online sales, small size, easy to transport, cheap price.


Roll -up Mattress For Oline Sales


This is a special roll up mattress, each mattress can be packed in a separate carton box.We can supply different kinds of cartons,such as regular carton or color carton.Small volume  makes it convenient for transportation, The price is nice and can adapt to the public consumption level,so it is very suitable for the network sales.

Product Structure:

tricot fabric

2000#polyester wadding

2cm foam

non woven fabric


22cm pocket spring 


non woven fabric

1000#polyester wadding

polyester fabric

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This kind of tricot fabric is simple but elegant and it is very popular with the public.

pocket spring

The pocket spring will not make noise and will not disturb others,and provide better sleeping environment for  people 

Package Method:

For this roll up mattress, we use rolled package.We compress the mattresses firstly,and  then use a special roll-up machine to roll the package, and finally put it into a carton.



You can purchase mattress with the same structure as the existing products in our exhibition hall.You can also provide the structure you have needed, we produce the mattress that  you need;You can also tell us your requirements and we will customize the unique mattress for you.Don't hesitate, trust us. Welcome to contact us.




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