Popular Bonnell Spring Mattress For South America

Bonnell spring mattress,Tight top,Pillow top,Double pillow top,Various trictor fabric,South america market,All size.


Popular bonnell spring mattress for South American

These products have the advantages of diverse structure and fabric selection.Different products can be packaged together to facilitate customer distribution.The price is also very nice. So thesemattresses are very popular with customers in the South American market.Our company knows a lot about people's sleeping habits and products in this market, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many South American customers. We believe it is a good choice to cooperate with us.

We only show four products here, if you are interested, please contact us, we can give you more products to choose from.

Please note

first, the cloth of these products can be changed;

Second, it can be a bonnier spring, or it can be a continuous spring;

Three, all sizes can be customized

We are a mattress manufacturer and exporter with over 12 years experience in manufacturing and exporting mattresses. We look forward to meeting you.The following is the contact information:

sales: Cara


WhatsApp/wechat/ skype/phone:+86- 17819906645

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