2018 Happy Start Working

2018 Happy Start Working

Feb 25, 2018

At 10:28 on February 25,accompanied by the sound of loud firecrackers,Rayon company officially started working!

Rayson 1.jpg

The first is that all employees started the ceremony,pray for the new year the company business is booming,abundant resources,great luck,employees healthy,happy family,all wishes come true!

Facing the spring breeze embarked on the office building,a strong peach bloom in the lobby,full of pink indicates upcoming rayon exhibition grand "peach",opened the booming New Year,employees competing in the peach tree photo,period Looking forward to the coming year fortune!

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Then Mr. Deng,the director of factory,delivered the opening speech on behalf of the company. Top leaders gave red packet for employees. While bringing joy to everyone,we also hope that in the new year Rayson company and its employees will be able to go smoothly and prosper!

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After a simple and lively ceremony,all staff conducted a sumptuous lunch.Rayson big family come together once again. To open a more brilliant year with the laughter!

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The brilliant New Year holiday has ended and the new year's struggle is about to kick off.In 2018, Rayson Company and its staff will focus on the theme of "Innovation,Sharing,Beyond" and embrace the New Year's expectations.

Together with many partners,Rayson will continue to create a quality sleep experience for the global community!