LaTeX Mattress Maintenance

LaTeX Mattress Maintenance

Dec 01, 2016

1, remove the thin film on the surface of the mattress before using adhesive tape, play a role the air permeability of the mattress.

2, time to turn your bed, and has helped to reduce daily consumption. Mattress padding through ergonomic design, will be able to track body curves, reducing pressure on the body. Therefore, the mattress after a period of time, you may receive the light of Huizhou depression normal. This is not a structural problem. If you want to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, in within three months of purchase, mattresses and tail switch once every two weeks, and three months after the bottom rotate once every two months. Keep mattresses can be more durable.

3, humid areas or seasons, to the mattress and carried it to the outdoor air conditioning, of potential itself to keep the bed dry and cool.

4, handling, don't squeeze, folded so as not to damage the mattress.

5, daily hard to wash bed sheets, bedspreads, and keep the mattress surface clean and hygienic. Avoid jumping on the mattress, slapstick to eat or drink.

6, mattress, such as long-term use, should choose permeability of the packaging (plastic bags need to have ventilation holes), and a built-in part of the bags of desiccant packed and placed in a dry and ventilated environment.