Mattress Hardness Measurement

Mattress Hardness Measurement

Dec 01, 2016

Mattress factory's production quality, the hardness of the mattress is an important factor of identification it is used, to judge a mattress's comfort and practicality, what brand of mattress well below will show you how to measure the hardness of the mattress.

Most simple of measurement method is: flat lying up, hand to neck, and waist and hip Xia to thigh Zhijian this three at obviously bent of place to in horizontally, see have gap; again to side turned a body, with also of method try a try body curve SAG parts and mattress Zhijian have clearance, if no, on proved this mattress and people in sleep Shi neck, and back, and waist, and hip and leg of natural curve apt anastomosis, such of mattress on can said is soft hard moderate.

Each mattress is soft and rigid preferences vary, some people like to sleep hard bed, some people like to sleep soft bed, what hardness of mattress is a good mattress? Perfect mattress was too soft mattress sleep on human health is not good, the right mattress should be high mattress with elastic. That is when the force exerted on the mattress, mattress should drop more and more support on the human body, and vice versa.