Most Important Is To Choose A Mattress Comfortable

Most Important Is To Choose A Mattress Comfortable

Dec 01, 2016

A lot of people are asking, what kind of mattress good? Mattress to choose, the most important is comfort! from the following to choose suitable mattress.

1. hardness: preventive medicine experts believe that the best sleeping position should be identical to a standing position. Mattress with good support functions, in the support body everywhere at the same time, location of the spine can be maintained in the standing posture, only when we maintain the natural curvature of the spine, muscles can relax, or is replaced by wake up backache fatigue, this requires the mattress soft or hard to moderate.

2. material select: mattress by using of material points many species, currently market Shang of mattress main is to LaTeX mattress, and full Brown mattress, and Spring mattress, and bubble mattress and inflatable mattress mainly, various mattress of effect is different of, like LaTeX mattress, elastic, and breathable sex are good, is for white-collar, work pressure big of crowd using; mountain Brown mattress on for youth and elderly using, so everyone in purchase mattress Shi must not blind, to understand himself of needs, purchase for himself of mattress.

3. appearance mattress: mattress thickness uniformity appearance, around the straight flat; pad surface is symmetrical; mattress pads are used thick padding material fabric dyeing and printing pattern is uniform; sewing break, jump pin and floating lines and other defects.

4. pad structure: mattresses buying focusing on the mind should be ergonomic structure, consider whether you can provide the appropriate support. Is best to choose separate support care every part of the body, can fully follow the body curves, low noise of "independent cylindrical" Spring mattresses.