Professional Quality And Etiquette Training Of RAYSON MATTRESS Company

Professional Quality And Etiquette Training Of RAYSON MATTRESS Company

Sep 05, 2020

On August 18, 2020, Foshan Ruixin Non Woven Co., Ltd. specially invited Ms. Liang zhixia, executive director of Guangdong Enterprise Training and Research Association, to conduct a practical professional quality and etiquette training for the company's employees.

On the same day, employees dressed in new factory uniform clothes, like a group of young and energetic students, came to Nanhai Wetland Park for a one-day etiquette training course. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 situation, this course is also the company's first collective activity this year.

Ms. Liang introduced the etiquette of image, details of workplace communication, reception and visit etiquette, meeting and seating arrangement, telephone communication art , and business table manners. The staff are excited, actively cooperate with the teacher's interactive education, combine theory with practice, and deeply understand the essence of the course.

Those who respect others will always gain respect in return. Human being needs social activities, there must be interpersonal communication. Everyone wants to be respected by others. Therefore, we need to respect others first. Etiquette is the form of showing respect to others. In the future, Rayson staff will improve their quality and strive tobecome more excellent

Accompanied with excellent people, we will be able to go further, climb higher, so let's grow and be a better person together!

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