Rayson 2017 Annual Summary Awards Ceremony

Rayson 2017 Annual Summary Awards Ceremony

Feb 10, 2018

Rayson 2017 Annual Summary Awards Ceremony

In 2017,Rayson Company set a good result,with double-digit sales growth again,achieving the target set in 2016.It is because of every employee's hard work and pay, the company can overcome the difficulties and achieve great leaps.At this company, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the staff,especially those who take the lead in the company and who are responsible for the company's development.


First of all, director Deng Shuhua introduced us the Rayson 2017 year's annual record. A year's time is not long,only enough for us to do a few meaningful things.Coincides with the tenth anniversary of Rayon,our company has made great leaps in sales,infrastructure and production equipment upgrades,as well as corporate culture.


Followed by the second part is the year-end awards presentation,the company set up a number of awards this year,including the outstanding cadres,outstanding employee awards,outstanding team awards and top sales.Award winners or teams not only receive honorary certificates,but also get very generous bonuses.

 Honors and bonuses

Outstanding staff awards

Outstanding management cadres awards

Excellent team - the Ministry of Finance (warehouse) awards

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Outstanding team - mattress workshop awards

Rayson 7.jpg

Sales team as a pioneer in pioneering the market,Rayson company's prosperity has made a contribution,including non-woven Cindy Fan foreign trade group to more than 37 million won the total sales champion of the crown,non-woven Foreign Trade Group Himy Li with more than 36 million follow-up;In addition,Cindy Fan and mattress foreign trade group Alan Lun were made of non-woven fabrics & products, mattress sales single champion.

Total sales up to champion

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Individual sales up to champion

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Many people see the amount of bonuses constantly "wow,wow" but next year's bonuses more temptation too!The company has announced that in 2018,there will be an additional single large agricultural prize,with a first prize of 20,000RMB,a runner-up of 5,000RMB and a double-prize of sales championship more than in 2017.After the boss said not only to send bonuses,but also award car house,come on,with your strength to win greater harvest!


After the awards ceremony, followed by the third part-the team show.The sales team,production team and logistics staff team vividly interpreted the three themes around Rayson's 2018 theme of "Innovate,Share,Transcend" and all their unique understanding.


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The final session of the summary meeting was delivered by Deng Hongchang,general manager,who gave a speech to everyone and gave more benefits to the employees on site.Greatly encouraged the morale of employees.

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Mr. Deng shared the achievements of each department in 2017 and pointed out the new direction for 2018.He put forward specific requirements for each department and promised a firm commitment.We believe that under the leadership of Mr. Deng, the company system will be improved day by day,the production capacity will be stronger and the business will be booming!


In the evenings,Rayson employees share dinner together.Banquet lights,food and wine,during the banquet to the company management table toast,thank you for your hard work in 2017,take this Spring Festival approaching,I wish you 2018 good health,work smoothly,rich sources of money!

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2018, let us set out to create more brilliant achievements,make more contributions to the environmental protection!

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