Summary Meeting Of The 126th Canton Fair

Summary Meeting Of The 126th Canton Fair

Dec 02, 2019

The 126th Canton Fair has come to an end. For this fair, the company has rolled out a series of incentive policies. During this assessment period, all the sales elites of the company actively respond to the company's policies and strive to serve each customer well. During the assessment period, they have made outstanding achievements. Mattress products and non-woven products have been ordered by overseas customers, and the staff handed over to the company a satisfactory answer.

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2019 is coming to an end soon. Looking to the 2020 year, the company will continue to move forward steadily, upgrade and transform the equipment in the factory, and the overseas factories are also in preparation, the exhibitions will continue to be participated, so as to improve the company's exposure and popularity. In addition, in terms of brand promotion, mattress products will continue to deepen the promotion of our own brand SRIENG and CHENMENG, expand the marketing channels of our products. In the coming year, the company will usher in greater progress and development, let all Rayson staff work hard together to create a better tomorrow!