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The Use Of Latex Mattresses

Dec 01, 2016

Pure natural latex is relatively expensive, also does not like the bed, love the traditional box spring bed. In independent spring bed with a layer of latex, will achieve 1+1>2 effects?

Relatively soft latex mattresses and mattress with independent pocket springs-hard, which are two completely different kinds of preferences, the stack may not be able to create a double of love both effects. The thickness of the latex if not enough, will not be able to produce the appropriate support; too thick will counteract the spring tension if LaTeX is too thin, experts believe its load bearing function decreases, mainly in breathability, anti-allergy, anti noise plays a role in improving.

However, because pure natural latex skin, high resilience, bacteriostatic, dustproof, lots of people would like to buy a portable LaTeX as a carry-on, outings and other bedding. When you purchase must pay attention to the thickness of the LaTeX, too thin-mats unable to provide good support, nor to care. For example, Germany sweetnight mattress uses the latest utility partitions open structure, breaking the traditional mattress flat structure, technology to adjust pressure points to highlight parts of the body inside the mattress surface decreased at the same time, and received strong support, making the body smooth blood circulation during sleep, improve immunity. This is used as the effect is to create a healthy sleep, is the pursuit of professional quality of sleep.