Ventilation Performance Of Latex

Ventilation Performance Of Latex

Dec 01, 2016

Natural latex pillows, thousands of small mesh vents, these holes to drain to flush out the heat and moisture, can also promote natural ventilation, natural air conditioning system provides the best, make pillows stay in fresh air, healthy. Each season can maintain a comfortable feel.

The molecular structure of latex special, good comfort, breathability, breeding grounds for bacteria and parasites; open porous LaTeX balloon structure, still free flow of air in the mattress to disperse of skin contact with mousse mattresses in sleeping hot, sweat, kept sleep comfortable and dry.

Promote sleep

LaTeX mattress mattress area of contact with the human body the human body contact area a lot, it can spread body weight tolerance, achieve full support, function with the correct shuizi. LaTeX mattress with high flexibility to meet the needs of different weight. Compared with other types of mattresses, latex mattresses does not produce noise, vibration-free, has a sleep-promoting effect. Will adsorb the head weight average, achieve full support to make you comfortable and restful sleep.